Self hosted Coherent combination
of various components in one Cloud Complex

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Software Defined Infrastructure

is the next level of data center evolution

software defined infrastructure

Great advantages on which we focus

the unique solution for the unique challenges of each client


Commodity Hardware

Complexes can be built on top of any commodity hardware. This cost-effective solution reduces CAPEX.


Smooth horizontal scaling

Theoretical scaling to thousands of nodes. Data migration, replication, hardware replacement without any downtime.


Cost-effective ownership

The completely new approach to operating. Infrastructure features can simply be programmed in because it already a program.


Open Source

When possible, we implent proven open sourced products with vendors support.

Our pricing list

we offer two options and are open to further discussion

from $999
includes: Audit, Design, Implementation + 1 month admin support
from $1999
includes: Light + detailed operational Documentation
Frequently Asked Questions
How does the studio team work?

We work remotely. We first discuss the needs and challenges of the Client during a task analysis session. After that we draw design and help the Client work with the hardware suppliers. Next, the team proceeds with remote installation and configuration during the implementation stage. Finally, we provide operatinal documentation. Remote training is also possible.

Can storage be separated and roles assigned to different nodes?

Yes, it's possible for some products combinations.

What example of system specification?

The complex can be build on almost any commodity hardware. At least three nodes are required with futher smooth horizontal scaling. 10Gbps connectivity is required during the production usage.

Does your company have its own data center?

No, we don't have our own data center. We can build private cloud on almost any commodity servers in any data center around the world!

How many storage requests per second are possible?

During normal operation the storage subsystem will produce the sum of IOPs from all disks, devided on the level of replication. But since the complex can use at least two cache mechanisms, the usual conventional loads can achieve much higher values.

How to upgrade/replace hardware or horizontal scale?

Adding new disks, new nodes or reduction exists hardware without downtime for VMs is supported. After the deployment is finished, we provide brilliant operatinal documentation, which will contain step-by-step instructions for executing operating tasks.

The Most Simple & Yet Powerful Way
to build your own cloud